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Radda in Chianti


Inhabitants 1590, altitude m 533. Center mostly agricultural place on a hill that the watershed between the valleys of the Hung one marks and of the Arbia. All its territory is comprised in the Chianti Classico.
The section of superhighway Florence Certosa-S is raggiungibile from Florence covering. Donated (Km 22) and continuing for others 25 kilometers. From Florence civil servant 222 can itself also be taken (to Bridge to Ema) “chiantigiana” (Km 49), or the road that they give (ialluzzo passes for Greve in Chianti (Km 48). From Siena chiantigiana” (Km 32 is raggiungibile through civil servant 222 “). Using the Freeway of the Sun it is necessary to exit to the casello of Florence Certosa for who it comes from North (Km 47) and to the casello of Valdarno.

History and monuments of Radda in Chianti

The viaria structure, to centers concentrates to us around the rocca, and the tight alleys that lead in modest slarghi, still today give the idea of the Middle Ages in a modest center. The houses, many times over embellished and done again, date the presence of a small bourgeoisie (notary publics, chancellors, commanders of the truppe, scrivani) that it moved around the podestà sent from Florence, are translate The dignity of the village anyway finds again in the beautiful Palace of the Podestà, constructed beginning from 1400 and carried to term very more late.

Since Lodo di Poggibonsi of 1203, Radda is in the Florentine orbit. Become the center of the Terziere of the Chianti (perhaps after a short permanence of the center to Castellina), chief town of the Clarified ones Southern until 1774.

The origins of Radda forgiveness in the dark of the high Middle Ages. A lot important did not have however to be a center if the parochial church depended from the Piviere di S. Maria Novel place on the other depositor of Val di Pesa. After to have attracted the inhabitants of some villages near, next to spopolamento (S. Maria Novel, Albola, Montevertine, Volpaia, Selvole), reaches Radda also perhaps a group of Franciscans who still erect the Monastero. Draft of a construction of modest dimensions, collection around to a small church, and adorned of a beautiful porch that turns around the facade and to sides.

The events of long-life of Radda will not be notes until when it is not set to the podestarile archive that conserve the documents and the actions of some centuries. Clamorous events will not exit any perhaps, but the events of this community will be able to be reconstructed that, for centuries, has been frontier zone.

Three funeste dates for the history of Radda are 1230, when it is attacked by the Sieneses, 1268, when it is plundered by truppe of Carl d' Angiò and 1478, year that sanctions its destruction.

With the sudden end of the Sienese Republic of 15 5 5 Radda and entire the Chianti exits from the history and finds that peace that it was lacked for centuries. The war events moreover leave the place to deep social changes. That which was a border earth, always subordinate to the danger of invasions and ruberie, it becomes noble object of attention from and Florentine merchants. In place of castles villas, prestigious rise, in the middle of wide often held. Many little ones owners yield their lands that are accorpate to those of new generally coming owners from the large urbanized areas. The new productive structures make therefore head to real entrepreneurs who aim to make to return their investments. In a relation of 1773 written up from the Granduca Peter Leopoldo the 1 village it comes so described: “The castle is situated well, anciently was fortified, now is in forfeiture, depopulated and falling, that natural, it is attended that is off the streets. There is a prioria and, outside, the convent of the reformed Franciscans which are 16 and useful ones because they help and they serve the churches of the Chianti that are poor and they cannot hold chaplain for being very immense and The village of Radda always has been of modest dimensions: it accommodated 5 10 inhabitants in 1551, 606 in 1745 and 766 in 1840. The entire community (that is surrounding village and contrada) comprised 1950 inhabitants in 1551, 2702. Today Radda seems to have found a its dimension. Its economy, tied almost exclusively to the production and the wine commerce, has found a sure balance. The tourism could perhaps represent an other characterizing moment, since the citizen and its territory offer a rich atmosphere of natural and human values of remarkable interest, as she can be seen also from the description of the villages.

Manifestations in Radda in Chianti

In the within of the Municipality of Radda in Chianti, in the period comprised between the end of june and the end of August several popular festivities are organized which: the festivity of the Forgiveness (Radda, the last Sunday of August) and several festivities to Lucarelli (the last Sunday of june). to the Villa (the last Sunday of July), to the Cross (the last Sunday of August), to Volpaia (the 10 coats of arms of the Palace of arosto) and to Selvole (15 August).

Market every fourth monday of the month.

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